Septic Systems

The Office of Wastewater Management estimate that 20% of all US housing units had septic systems in 2007.  Not surprising, it further found that 46% of those were located in the South.  With the prevalence of those systems, is amazing how ignorant the general population is about how they work.  It is an important consideration when buying a septic systems athens gapiece of property.  For undeveloped land, to know whether or not the property can handle such a system is of paramount importance.  Equally important is the understanding when buying a residential property.  To know how to investigate if an existing system is operating properly or correctly sized is a prime piece of knowledge to have prior to buying.

Few of us actually want to be “experts” in this subject. However to avoid purchasing unknowingly properties that are ill-suited or having a system fail on an existing property due to poor soil conditions, necessitate learning at least at some level the mechanics of the system.  Although this doesn’t happen often, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  In either situation, prospective buyer or existing owner,  poorly designed systems as well as poorly maintained ones can become quite expensive to rectify.  Even in some cases it may make the property unbuildable if it is a lot or uninhabitable if it occurs with an existing house.

To gain sufficient knowledge to adequately appraise the situation requires information related to three primary areas.  The first is how septic systems work,  The second is system design and installation and the third is system maintenance.  Each area will be covered in the following posts and on the other pages of this site.  Rapid Rooter in Athens GA specializes in all three areas.